Japanese maple

The A. palmatum is a deciduous plant, grows like a shrub or a small tree and can reach 6-10 meters in height, in some cases it can reach up to 16 meters. As a young man he has an upside-down pyramid posture, in the adult specimens he assumes a domed shape. Cultivation and uses THERE. palmatum has been cultivated for centuries in Japan for its bearing and the beauty of its foliage, particularly evident in autumn when it takes on a bright red color. Widely cultivated in nurseries where you can find many cultivars, mainly reproduced by cuttings. Very appreciated also in the technique of bonsai, thanks to the great adaptability to cultivation in pots. It has no particular requirements regarding the type of terrain and the altitude (from 100 to 1300 meters s.l.m.), but it fears water stagnations and excessively cold currents; as far as the exposure is concerned, it is necessary to take into account the fact that, although it loves sunny exposures, it is advisable to shade during hours with excessive insolation in warmer climates (in particular for the green or variegated leaf varieties). He does not particularly like pruning, especially the most severe, to which he reacts in a stunted way.